Pentecostal Power Church


The Pentecostal Power Church offers several ministries for you to be involved in and more are being developed to ensure that everyone can serve in their calling.  For we are here to kingdom build and what better way for us to do so is by reaching every person, empowering to help the helpless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, encourage the down trodden, and strengthen the weak.  We come together for the edifying of the body of Christ until we all come together in the unity of the faith.  For more information please stop by the information desk to inquire about joining.
Pastor's Support

Our mission is to be as supportive as possible to our pastor and wife. Not only will we be trailblazers in supporting them financially and spiritually, but encouraging the entire flock to do so as well.

It is our goal that they never lack or want anything that is within the pastor support power to do or give.

We will be mindful of their needs that we see, and take care of them before our pastor or wife speaks of them.

We wish to carefully demonstrate both our love and passion for the true leadership that God has so graciously given unto us here at Pentecostal Power Church 208 N. Madison, Lebanon, IL. 62254.

Our annual activities are as follows:

  • January – Breakfast
  • November – Smorgasbord

P.P.C. Brotherhood
    The men of valor at PPC have a duty to uphold the church providing a strong foundation and support to the family. There is nothing like a church with praying and working men of God who have a solid faith and that teach their families the importance of serving God.  

P.P.C. Women's Work
    PPC is incomplete with the role of the praying and travailing women of the church.  Missionaries, evangelists, young, and old are here to provide a sisterhood and many times companionship to each other.  Every 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm the women's work meet for prayer and business.  Annual activities are the Women's Day in May, Women's Conference and Lebanon Fall Festival Fish Fry in October, and more.

P.P.C. Youth Alive

    This group is comprised of youth ages 2-40.  

Vision- To fully serve God and the Pentecostal Power Church from the viewpoint of a young Christian. Mission- To encourage our youth to live for Christ in a way that pleases Him alone by fellowshipping together with other saved young people as often as possible and studying His Word. The PPC- Lebanon Youth Department serves the church by ensuring the next generation of saints. We have fellowship services 3-5 times a year which allow the youth to be completely in charge. We also have a Youth Alive Conference annually that is geared towards reviving and reenergizing our youth while also offering others a chance to hear about Christ and possibly give their own lives to Him. We fellowship with other youth departments in our National PPC, Inc. organization as well as other churches in the region. We host various fundraisers such as car washes and fish fries to build our treasury to be a blessing to our Pastor and First Lady. Soon the Youth Dept will reinstate the weekly youth night meetings that will allow the youth to meet together more frequently. 

P.P.C. Choir
    The choir is made up of individuals who are baptized in Jesus' name and are seeking or filled with the Holy Ghost to minister to the people of God in song.  Practices are held on Friday nights and the choir sings at every service also traveling with the pastor on preaching engagements.

P.P.C. Diamonds

    The purpose of the P.P.C. Diamonds group is to provide a positive opportunity of sisterhood, teaching young women social graces, the word of God, and how to be a virtuous woman in this dark, disrespectful, and ungodly world.

Sunday School 

The hotbed of the church that provides christian education for all ages. Starting at 9:30 a.m. and offers free breakfast for students from 10:30-11 a.m. The powerful lessons taught before worship prepares the individual for service and promotes spiritual growth and knowledge. Power Church     This group is for children to express their love for Jesus in their own way, worshipping and singing songs of praise to the Lord on Sundays. This is the place where a kid can really be a kid... Jesus said "suffer the little children to come unto me..." 

The Penny Gang

The Penny Gang is comprised of the children, the young members of Pentecostal Power Church.  The age range spans from 1yrs old to 8yrs old.  We are a group of lively, enthusiastic, diligent young people who are excited to complete age appropriate and fun activities for our church.

 Our purpose is to grow in number and to learn about the bible, and the life of Jesus, how to live a christian life and work for the Lord.

We accomplish these great tasks by doing a penny drive every Sunday morning where we sing to the congregation and collect their pennies.

We also sing and render small aproppiate performances for holidays and special occasions. We endeavor to add more fun activities and events to accomplish our purpose of growing in the Lord.


Adult Ushers     

We aim high!  We are servers and keepers of the House of the Lord.  We ensure that your experience with us is pleasant and wholesome.  All who enter through our doors all welcome in Jesus' name.

Our mission is to make you feel welcome, relaxed, and have a wonderful time in the Lord. Feel free to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  We will serve and assist you in all of your needs while you're here with us whether it be giving you a tissue or assisting you with your children.

Our ushers are willing to serve not only in our church, but in our community and other churches, where ever we're needed. 

Jr. Ushers